Dewatering of excavations

Hamer is a company that specializes in dewatering of construction excavations. We offer reduction of groundwater table through assembly wellpoint instalation or deep well drilling.

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Rental of pumps and wellpoints

Rental of high quality reputable equipment from leading manufacturers such as WACKER, ATLAS, COPCO, CAT, BBA Pumps.

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Rental of submersible pumps

We sell and rent high quality renowned equipment from leading manufactures such as WACKER, ATLAS, COPCO, CAT, BBA Pumps. In our offer you can find pumps for heavy and light work.

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Dewatering design

HAMER is a dynamically developing company which specializes in dewatering of conctruction excavations all over the country.

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HAMER products

Check out products and services available in our company offer.

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Rental of pumps

An essential element of wellpoint system is pump aggregate. Created underpressure allows the evacuation of water and air from the system, subsequently lowers the level of water in the ground.

Pumps available in offer of

Vacuum pumps

Piston pumps

Rotary pumps


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