HAMER Rental of submersible pumps

We sell and rent high quality renowned equipment from leading manufactures such as WACKER, ATLAS, COPCO, CAT, BBA Pumps.

In our offer you can find pumps for heavy and light work.

TSURUMI LSC Serie dewatering


LSC1.4S is perfect form pump out water remnant. Only 1mm layer remains. It can remove even small puddles.

ModelLSC 1.4S
Max. efficience10 m3/h
Engine power0,48 kW
Weight12 kg
Max. height rasing11 m



Light drainage pump. Models LB-480 and LB-800 featured are optionally equipped in level regulation by using sensors. LB-1500 is perfect for use in well filters.

Max. efficience13,5 m3/h19,2 m3/h26,4 m3/h
Engine power0,48 kW0,75 kW1,5 kW
Weight10,40 kg13,10 kg33 kg
Max. height rasing11 m15 m17,5 m



Low weight and wear resistance. KTV serie is made with aluminium. Stainless steel shaft and cast iron impeller SemiVortex give wear resistance and comfortably carried pump for tectonics.

ModelKTV 2-37KTV 3-55
Max. efficience49,8 m3/h58,8 m3/h
Engine power3,7 kW5,5 kW
Weight36 kg46 kg
Max.height rasing26,5 m35 m



KRS serie is durable pump for sediments with 4-field electric engine for long-term use.

ModelKRS 2-69KRS 815
Max. efficience255 m3/h384 m3/h
Engine power9 kW15 kW
Weight155 kg240 kg
Max. height rasing21 m21,5 m



Growing excavations require submersible pumps for bigger rasing heights, wear resistant and insensitive to large immersion depths.

ModelKL 23.0 WLH 33.0LH 25.5 W
Max. efficience36 m3/h60 m3/h29,4 m3/h
Engine power3 kW3 kW5,5 kW
Weight46 kg42 kg80 kg
Max. height rasing39 m18 m65 m



Heavy duty sludge pump. Popular pump KRS2 with agitaror has many uses. 4-field electric engine provides rotation speed on 1450 trn./min.

Max. efficience100,2 m3/h141 m3/h195 m3/h258 m3/h
Engine power4 kW6 kW9 kW18 kW
Weight105 kg145 kg170 kg395 kg
Max. height rasing15,8 m17,1 m22 m31 m



Durable sand pump. Specially hardened cast steel impeller and corpus of pump make it extremely resistant to wear. In combination with agitator these pump are used primarily for media containing a lot of sand, 4-field electric engine provides rotation speed on 1450 trn./min. level.

ModelGPN 35.5GPN 411GPN 415GPN 422GPN 622
Max. efficience114 m3/h195 m3/h246,6 m3/h222 m3/h300 m3/h
Engine power5,5 kW11 kW15 kW22 kW22 kW
Weight145 kg217 kg220 kg415 kg415 kg
Max. height rasing16,3 m19,3 m21,5 m34 m30 m

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